Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? Jesus is revealed in all His majesty and glory in the book of Revelation. I beg of you to read this book just so you will know Jesus. We don’t know what God the Father looks like because He is a Spirit (John 4:24) and the Holy Spirit is also unseeable, but Jesus has been revealed to us.

Before we look at Revelation, let me give you the image of Jesus that Isaiah, the prophet, provides in Isaiah 53:2-9.

Isaiah’s portrait of Jesus is a man despised, rejected, abused, and finally brutally killed.

  • A root growing in dry ground
  • No form or majesty
  • No beauty that we should desire Him
  • Despised and rejected by men
  • A man of sorrows
  • Acquainted with grief
  • Those around Him hid their faces from Him and did not esteem Him
  • He bore our griefs
  • He carried our sorrows
  • He was wounded for our sins
  • He was bruised for our iniquities
  • By His strips we are healed
  • On Him was laid the iniquity of us all
  • He was oppressed and was afflicted but did not open His mouth to defend Himself

John, the apostle, records in Revelation 1:13-17 Jesus in all His glory and might ready to smite the nations with a great sword. John’s reaction to this encounter is shocking. When he sees Jesus he falls to the ground like a dead man.

Here is what John saw:

  • Dressed in a robe that reaching down to his feet
  • A golden sash across His chest
  • Head and hair are white like snow
  • Eyes like a flame of fire
  • Feet like polished bronze that glows
  • Voice like rushing water
  • Face that shines as the Sun
  • Out of His mouth came a sharp 2-edged sword. His sword is able to divide soul and spirit and strike down the ungodly
  • In His right hand He hold the 7 stars or seven angels

Jesus is returning to earth one time soon (Revelation 1:7). When He comes in all of His might every eye will see Him and mourn. If you don’t know Jesus then I encourage you to do so today.

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