Where We Aren’t

By jan@olivetreeviews.org (Jan Markell)

The reason it was difficult to gauge where we were on God’s calendar from the 1st century until the 20th, was because the only nation God ever used as His ‘geo-political’ time-piece, Israel, hadn’t been a nation for 1,878 years. (See Daniel 2, 9) The Dispensationalists came to understand that the Jewish nation would HAVE to be reinserted onto the world’s stage again, because that is the conclusion God’s word comes too if taken at face value. Isaiah 2, 11; Jeremiah 30; Ezekiel 37-39; Amos 9; Zech. 12-14 all speak to Israel existing again as a nation, for a second time, in the last days.

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Source:: Olive Tree Ministries

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