Where are the pastors? Either hiding behind the curtain of a 501(C)3 or they are false prophets?

501c3The Year of Satan by Diane Kepus

Pastor Chuck Baldwin once again asked the same question I have been asking for the past 10 years – “Where are the pastors”? The answer is actually very simple – they are in one of two places. Either hiding behind the curtain of a 501(C)3 or they are false prophets. Either way, they should not be called pastors in that they are not pastoring their flock’s, they are leading their “sheeple” to a fiery end.


There is no excuse for those hiding behind the 501(C)3 as they are weak and don’t have the backbone to explain to their church boards how strong the chains of that exemption are and that it is binding them to a passive existence which is not answering God’s call.


It is time to take a closer look at the False Prophets who are supporting the Emergent Church. The thought today is if you have a “mega” church you are a successful minister – but what are these parishioner’s walking away with?


What is the Emergent Church? It is one like we have never seen before! The movement takes its name from the idea that as the culture changes (no more morals, values) a new church should emerge in response. It is very apparent that some popular ministers are preaching a new form of Christianity that embraces experience and personal gain rather than God’s Word.


Look at it this way! Post-modernism is best described as the “removal” of the cold, hard true facts of the Bible in favor of the “warm, fuzzy, feel good, social justice” type of interpretation of God’s word. In fact, the emerging church rejects any standard methodology for doing anything. Therefore, there is a huge range of how far these pastors take their flocks to the post-modernist approach of Christianity. Some groups go only a little way in order to impact their community for Christ, and remain biblically sound. Most groups, however, embrace post-modernist thinking, which eventually leads to a very liberal, loose translation of the Bible. This, in turn, lends to liberal doctrine and theology.


It should be apparent by now that the emerging church is more experience-based than Bible-based. Further, in the emerging church the Word of God is taking a secondary position to the Worship of God.


This is where we find “false prophets” like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen. You would think Pope Francis, if a true man of God, could see right through these men and question their methodology of presenting the word of God. Instead he is also embracing their teaching and throwing in the mix his own version of where the church should be going. There is no denying where these men are leading as the words from their own moths say it all.


Where and how did this all begin? To the best of my knowledge the current push to worship God and Allah as one sprang out of Rick Warren with the backing of his indoctrinated congregation at Saddleback Baptist Church (SBC). Why do I say indoctrinated? Because any church full of that many people who support everything, especially untruths, from their pastor or anyone, is indoctrinated.


The bible has warned that, in the Last Days, the professing Christian church would be cold and dead with Jesus Himself being thrust outside and knocking on the door to get back in. Revelation 3:4-18.


Christians, can you picture Christ standing outside your front door knocking to get in and then you would turn your back on Him? If you see yourself doing that you are not a Christian. Yet this is what is happening as your hearts are cold and closed to the true words of God. If you attend one of these churches or just listen to them on the TV and are giving them money you are working against God.





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