What if huge asteroid is about to hit Earth?


(International Business Times) Conspiracy theorists have claimed in the past that the world would come to an end after an asteroid hits the Earth but this has fortunately not happened in recent times. However, one can’t rule out the possibility of a meteoroid causing untold destruction as around 2,000 asteroids are reportedly being monitored by authorities.

It is also reported that an asteroid, nearly half a mile long, is also expected to pass closely by Earth in August 2027 though it is not clear if it will hit the planet.

Is it possible to avoid natural catastrophe if an asteroid is on its way to strike the earth? Richard Muller, Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley, and author “Now, The Physics of Time”, says it is possible while responding to a query on Quora, a platform to share knowledge and better understand the world.

Source:: World Net Daily – World

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