Walid Shoebat: Most Churches Including Calvary Chapel Unwilling to Help Persecuted Christians

Calvary Chapel Refuses To Help Persecuted Christian, And Even Throws Out Christian Man For Wanting To Talk About The Islamic Persecution Of Christians And The Islamic Antichrist


By Theodore Shoebat

The pastors of America need to stop being weak, to stop using God as a shield to cover their cowardice, and start using their platforms and authority to do whatever they can to help their persecuted brethren. We at Rescue Christians have dealt with many pastors and churches. The congregations of America are very righteous, and very charitable and helpful, but the pastors who are willing to help themselves are far and few.


One example is pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. We told him about a Christian we were trying to get out of Pakistan. Jack Hibbs agreed to be a sponsor for the man from Pakistan, but later pulled out. His wife, Lisa Hibbs, told my father, Walid Shoebat, that God told her to renege on their agreement. I interviewed Walid Shoebat to recount what occurred.



Walid Shoebat




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