Unity or Deception?

In a recent blog on “Way to Jesus“, Tim posted how we were rapidly moving towards a one world government and monetary system. The third leg of the antichrist or (sudo) christ reign will be a one-world religion. Unity or Deception?  This is actually taking place right before our eyes and it is DANGEROUS. So many of our so called spiritual leaders (Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Luis Palau, Kenneth Copeland, and Tony Palmer, as well as the Lutheran, methodist and Baptist church  – just to name a few) have joined the movement of the Catholic Church on unity leading many people with them when the Lord plainly says to come out from her, Revelation 18:4. (See videos on “Way to Jesus” for more information)

In I Timothy 4:1 Paul said there would be those who would depart from the TRUE faith One World Religion(liberty taken) giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and that men would not endure sound doctrine II Timothy 4:3. The Catholic Church promotes Mary as a co-redemptrix with Jesus Christ and actually has called herself queen of heaven. In Jeremiah 7:18 and Jeremiah 44:1-30 God rebuked the Israelites for this practice! There is NO queen of heaven. In Revelation 18:7 God rebukes this demon that calls itself queen. Many apparitions have been appearing claiming to be Mary doing great signs and wonders when in fact these are demons. Paul said if satan’s ministers come as ministers of righteousness, how much more can HE come as an angel of light, 2 Corinthians 11:14.

Anyone who stands against this unity will be outcast, black sheeped, called divisive and very possibly persecuted. (The flesh always persecutes the Spirit) so we must prepare our hearts and minds to stand for Jesus and His truth. Can two walk together unless they agree??? Amos 3:3.

Today on CBN Father Raniero Cantalamessa (the Lord said call no man father – Matthew 23:9) from the Catholic Church who is promoting this unity will be leading the prayer time which CBN’s 700 Club promotes at this time of year.

There is a GREAT deception taking place and will only get worse, Mark 13:22. It is up to each of us (as Tim and I always preach) to know the Lord and his Word for ourselves and STOP blindly following so-called men of God. PLEEEEEASE, WAKE UP CHRISTIAN.

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  1. I love and appreciate somuch true fighters of God!(JESUS)
    And would love to learn how to fight for Jesus!
    Am leaving my email feel free to contact me if u are interested to teach me!

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