This day in WND history: Women reject gov’t programs to ‘save’ them



Women reject gov’t programs to ‘save’ them

Sept. 1, 2014: Conservative women want real men to be a part of their lives, not someone reduced to a “useless yes man” by the domination of a federal government that wants to control men and “save” women with programs such as a “Fluked-up, fifteen-dollar freebie in birth control.”

WND-20-YearsThat blunt assessment was from the authors of “What Women Really Want,” a book by Dr. Gina Loudon, actress Morgan Brittany and Ann-Marie Murrell.

“Real women do not need or even want that sort of assistance,” said Murrell told WND.

Loudon said real women are for a number of characteristics in men, such as:

  • Women want men who advance their economic prosperity,
  • Women want men who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right,
  • Women want men who aren’t afraid to let them think for themselves and exercise liberty by choosing their own path,
  • Women want men who will do their own jobs and provide for their families,
  • Women want men who will listen,
  • Women don’t want to be enslaved,
  • Women don’t want to be placated or patronized,
  • Women don’t want to be labeled,
  • Women don’t want to be victims of government intrusion.

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President Bush backs off ‘Islamic fascists’

bush_mosqueSept. 1, 2006: President Bush toned down his war rhetoric in a speech to the American Legion after Muslim pressure groups complained his earlier description of the enemy as “Islamic fascists” unfairly equated Islam with terrorism.

While the White House declined to comment officially about the dropping of the term “Islamic fascists,” a White House insider explained the president is sensitive to concerns raised by Muslim leaders.

“The president never meant to imply we’re at war with Islam, but some took it that way,” the official said. “It’s not a climb-down as much as a recognition of the concerns of the Muslim community.”

The pressure groups, led by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, lobbied the president to stop using the term. Washington-based CAIR fired off a letter to Bush arguing that continued use of the “hot-button” term would only harm the image of America “in the Islamic world.”

“We urge him and we urge other public officials to restrain themselves,” said CAIR executive director Nihad Awad.

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