This day in WND history: Teacher tells class, ‘F— God’



Teacher tells class, ‘F— God’

bruce_leblancAug. 26, 2004: A college professor with a reputation for pushing his students to think outside the box went too far when, on the first day of his sociology class, he revealed two blackboards at the front of his class, with the F-word written on the left one and “God” written on the right one.

Bob Stotler, a 30-year-old student at Black Hawk College, filed a complaint after his sociology teacher, Bruce LeBlanc, displayed the two-word statement.

Stotler says LeBlanc had confronted him about being Christian, conservative and Republican on his first day in class in January.

“He’s a lot liberal, and I’m a lot conservative,” Stotler said. “He was preaching his leftist ideas like they were facts.”

WND-20-YearsThe college’s advisory committee agreed, issuing a report saying LeBlanc’s conduct violated the school’s harassment policy and “shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his/her religion.”

An apology to the student was recommended, but the professor said he was “challenging the action through the collective-bargaining agreement.”

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