This day in WND history: Suspected Chavez ties to U.S. voting machines


Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

Suspected Chavez ties to U.S. voting machines

WND-20-YearsOct. 28, 2006: Just 10 days before Americans voted in the 2006 midterm congressional elections, the federal government was investigating whether anti-American Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez controlled the company that operated electronic voting machines in 17 states.

Many questions had already been raised about the reliability of the new machines, which left no paper trails for the purposes of recounts. But federal officials were investigating whether Smartmatic, owner of Sequoia Voting Systems, was secretly controlled by the Castroite revolutionary leader of Venezuela who denounced former President George W. Bush as Satan in a 2006 United Nations address.

A Smartmatic spokesman admitted the company was 97 percent owned by the four Venezuelan founders – two of them dual citizens. The remainder of the company was owned “by employees of Smartmatic (past and present) and family and acquaintances of the founders.”

In 2005, Smartmatic purchased the California-based Sequoia Voting Systems.

In October 2016, the Daily Caller reported Smartmatic’s website featured a flow-chart describing how the company has participated in U.S. elections from 2006-2015 with “57,000 voting and counting machines deployed” and “35 million voters assisted.”

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