This day in WND history: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the eligibility question!


Aerial banner over Tampa, Florida

Aerial banner over Tampa, Florida

WND-20-YearsIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the eligibility question!

Sept. 12, 2011: As Republican presidential candidates prepared for the 2011 CNN-Tea Party GOP debate in Tampa, Florida, a plane soared overhead trailing a banner demanding, “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?”

The question was posed by WND, which posted billboards around the country for months asking about Barack Obama’s birth documentation – and his resulting eligibility under the U.S. Constitution to occupy the Oval Office.

Aerial banner over Tampa, Florida

Aerial banner over Tampa, Florida

“Countless document experts have now made the persuasive case that the birth certificate released by Obama is fraudulent – a case that has been well-chronicled in WND,” said the news site’s editor, Joseph Farah. “No other media outlet have bothered to examine the document or question its authenticity. Neither have they found any experts willing to suggest the birth certificate is valid. That’s why I am taking this case directly to the American people.”

Farah launched the famous “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” billboard campaign in May of 2009. At the time, only a very small percentage of Americans were even aware of the eligibility questions surrounding Obama. More than 90 billboards were placed nationwide throughout the course of the campaign. Within six months of its launch, polls showed most Americans were aware of the controversy. Six months later, most Americans doubted Obama’s eligibility.

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‘Path to 9/11′ producer sees ABC ‘victory’

path_to_911Sept. 12, 2006: Despite unprecedented pressure from former President Clinton, his aides and top Democratic Party leaders that resulted in edits, ABC’s airing of the “The Path to 9/11” was a success, said the writer of the miniseries.

In fact, with Clinton’s lawyers pressing to cancel the five-hour docudrama, it wasn’t until Sunday morning – the day scheduled for part one – that its airing was certain, according to Cyrus Nowrasteh.

Three scenes, totaling about 70 seconds, were altered in the $40 million production.

“To lose only a minute is a success, is a victory,” Nowrasteh told WND. “I think ABC stood tall.”

The scene that underwent the biggest cuts depicted CIA operatives waiting for permission from Washington to attack Osama bin Laden at his Afghanistan fortress. The version that aired left out National Security Adviser Sandy Berger hanging up on George Tenet as the CIA director sought permission to go ahead.

Controversy over “Path to 9/11” continued into September 2007, as the DVD version was months past due for release, and Nowrasteh said it was due to pressure from the presidential campaign of then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

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