This day in WND history: Illegals from Afghanistan claim to be Mexican



Illegals from Afghanistan claim to be Mexican

WND-20-YearsOct. 14, 2014: A former senior supervisor and manager for the Immigration and Naturalization Service said it’s curious that so many people from nations where terrorism is rampant, such as Afghanistan, take on another national identity when they cross the border illegally into the United States.

“Why would individuals seek nationality in countries plagued by poverty and violence if that’s what they seek to escape?” wrote Dan Cadman at the Center for Immigration Studies in 2014 .

“One answer might be that they wish to gain proximity to the U.S. border while masking their origins,” he said of research that found that hundreds of illegal border crossers were linked to a variety of other nations, even though they all “are Afghans by birth.”

He said of the illegal crossers caught during fiscal 2013 alone, those who were Afghan by birth but identified by other nationalities included 268 purportedly from Mexico, 10 from Honduras, eight from Guatemala, two from El Salvador and one each from Colombia, Costa Rica, Ireland, Nicaragua and Pakistan.

The research cited by Cadman, a former INS/ICE official with 30 years of government experience, came just as the issue of terrorists crossing into the U.S. through the porous southern border with Mexico had become a point of contention.

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