This day in WND history: Death threats, advertisers targeted


Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001

Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001

WND gets death threats, advertisers targeted

WND-20-YearsOct. 18, 2001: In response to its reporting on Islamic terrorism, WND became the target of death threats, lawsuit threats and an ongoing campaign of intimidation against its advertisers and business partners.

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, and its monthly print magazine, Whistleblower, featured in-depth coverage of the militant Islamic threat to America, including the presence within the United States of radical Muslim individuals and organizations with ties to known terror groups.

Some choice comments received by the news site included:

“Maybe we could grind up your filthy, pathetic body and feed it to the pigs before we send them to the Muslims.”

“You should watch your back from now on. Maybe these ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ could come after you and your family.”

“Since you are a swine, we will cut you open and drain you of blood, and then the U.S. military can use that if they wish.”

“I’m surprised that such an anti-Muslim lives. Now you know what needs to be done to anti-Muslims. They deserve to die.”

“No Muslim would mind to kill a bastard like you.”

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