This day in WND history: Cemetery buries Christians facing Mecca


Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the spiritual home of Islam

Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the spiritual home of Islam

Cemetery buries all, including Christians, facing Mecca

WND-20-YearsSept. 24, 2006: Despite the fact Muslims had then only accounted for five percent of the local population, Nottingham officials – yes, the Nottingham of Robin Hood fame – decided all burial plots in a $4.7 million cemetery should be aligned with Mecca in the Muslim tradition.

All headstones at the 40-acre burial site were faced northeast, enabling the dead to look over their shoulder toward Mecca, the manner prescribed for followers of Islam in the U.K.

Not even the imam of the local mosque could fathom this accommodation to political correctness.

“It is part of our religion for the dead to be aligned with Mecca. It is very important. But for Christians, if they want to face somewhere else we support them,” he said.

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