The ‘Donald Trump of the Bible’ identified


It’s Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s most sensational discovery ever: an ancient pattern, a master blueprint, a paradigm encoded within Scripture that foretells and explains the events of our time.

And it even explains the most extraordinary political development in modern American history – the unexpected rise of President Donald Trump.

The messianic rabbi discussed his new book, “The Paradigm,” in a recent “Jim Bakker Show” appearance. Building dramatically on what he wrote about in the New York Times best-seller “The Harbinger,” Cahn explained how, like ancient Israel before its fall, America is at a moment of decision between loyalty to God or a fall into decadence.

Cahn described a story from 2 Kings that explains how the paradigm operated in ancient Israel.

“Ancient Israel is at a crossroads,” he said, setting the scene. “If the house of [King] Ahab continues, those who were in power continue, it’s going to be sealed, it’s going to stamp out the people of God. But God is never finished; He is never out of ideas. So he is going to do something which is going to strike everybody as a surprise.”

Ahab’s queen was Jezebel, who turned ancient Israel to the worship of Baal. Thus, the political system in ancient Israel had been oriented against God, with Jews who followed the faith of their ancestors frozen out of power.

Cahn recounts how this situation was transformed with the coming of “the warrior,” Jehu, who was anointed by Elisha, the successor to the prophet Elijah.

“Here comes now, a surprise,” explains Cahn. “This guy, Jehu, he’s going to suddenly burst onto the national stage, he is not a politician. He has no political experience. His rising to power is going to be sudden. It’s going to take the nation by storm. He is going to be a controversial figure. He’s going to be a destabilizer, he’s going to be an agent of chaos, in a sense. He’s going to be a threat to the status quo.

“He is a commander, he is a leader but not a politician … he is a warrior, he is a fighter, he fights with everybody. He is not a gentle man. He is a rough man. His words are rough, his actions are rough … he can even be brutal at times. In his ‘past life’ he didn’t exactly exemplify a godly life. Jehu could be boastful, he could be self-promoting,; but he’s going to be used by God as an instrument. God uses everything.”

Bakker’s audience laughed at the description of Jehu, clearly noticing the parallels to America’s current commander-in-chief before Cahn even mentioned his name.

“This is part of the same paradigm that introduced Jezebel and Ahab … it’s all part of the same thing!” said Cahn. “[Jehu] is going to be raised to contend with the king, and with the agenda of the former first lady (Jezebel).”

The newest sensation from “America’s prophet,” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. The messianic rabbi and prophetic teacher reveals a pattern that explains world history and the secret behind the events of our time. Don’t miss “The Paradigm.” Makes an incredible gift! Available now at the WND Superstore.

Cahn then explained the connection many people were already seeing.

“What happens now – we have the moment of this war of thrones, two futures for America, you know, which way is it going?” he asked rhetorically. “Believers are saying, what’s going to happen if it goes this way? And all of a sudden comes this surprise. A man who has no real political experience, who is named Trump. Donald Trump.

“His rise is going to be sudden, just like Jehu. According to the paradigm he will take things by storm. Trump will be controversial figure. He will be a destabilizing figure. He will be a threat to the status quo. He will not be a politician, but he will be known as a leader. He’s a commander, he’s a boss, he commands people.”

Trump also aligns with some of Jehu’s more controversial aspects.

“I would say Trump’s not exactly a gentle man or a diplomat,” said Cahn wryly, provoking laughter. “He’s rough. But so is Jehu. The paradigm says a man will arise, he will be rough, he will be coarse, he will be fighting with everyone.

“We don’t know, in the Bible, in the original Hebrew if Jehu sent tweets at night, we don’t know that … maybe he sent out little scrolls with pigeons or something,” joked Cahn, provoking laughter.

But there is a serious point for America today, the rabbi insisted.

Like Jehu, Cahn said, Trump is strategic, but impulsive and characterized by constantly taking his opponents by surprise. Also like Jehu, who was once aligned with King Ahab, a supporter of the worship of Baal, Trump formerly supported abortion. But just as Jehu turned against paganism, Trump became pro-life.

Cahn, dubbed “America’s prophet,” is best known as the author of the New York Times best-seller “The Harbinger.” But he may have another hit with “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds The Mystery Of Our Times.”

The current No. 1 best-seller in Christian prophecy at and the No. 16 bestseller in among all books, it’s boasting near unanimous five-star reviews from readers.

“The Paradigm” contains a message of hope, as it shows God uses anyone and anything for His purposes. However, it also contains a warning and is a call for repentance. Like ancient Israel, Cahn sees America at a turning point, either about to return to God or embrace further paganism and immorality.

“The warnings are there and we are progressing,” Cahn said in a recent appearance on “Jewish Voices” with Jonathan Bernis. “Unfortunately. I mean, we are praying for revival. But until then, we are progressing the way Israel did in its last days.”

And as the messianic rabbi has done throughout his entire ministry,he says the signs from God are very clear about what is at stake.

“It’s manifestations of signs,” he said. “It’s prophetic signs that have appeared. And that has continued. Very specific. Specific objects, specific words, repeating what happened in the last days of Israel… These are signs that we are in real danger and we are heading away from God – rapidly!”

The newest sensation from “America’s prophet,” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. The messianic rabbi and prophetic teacher reveals a pattern that explains world history and the secret behind the events of our time. Don’t miss “The Paradigm.” Makes an incredible gift! Available now at the WND Superstore.

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