Russia ‘Is Building Military Base in Syria’

American officials express concern about latest intelligence suggesting Moscow is preparing to send hundreds of personnel to prop up Assad regime


Russia is building a military base in Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s heartland, according to PutinAmerican intelligence officials, in the clearest indication yet of deepening Russian support for the embattled regime of Bashar al-Assad.


The anonymous officials say Russia has set up an air traffic control tower and transported prefabricated housing units for up to 1,000 personnel to an airfield serving the Syrian port city of Latakia.


Russia has also requested the rights to fly over neighbouring countries with military cargo aircraft during September, according to the reports.


The claims, which will raise fears that Russia is planning to expand its role in the country’s civil war, will ratchet up tensions between Moscow and Washington over the future of Syria and its brutal ruler.


Mr Obama on Friday met King Salman of Saudi Arabia to repeat their demand that any lasting settlement in Syria would require an end to the Assad regime.,It leaves the US and Russia implacably opposed in their visions for Syria.


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