Reasons to Study the Book of Revelation

Three reasons to study the Book of Revelation.

Some may read the Bible but shy away from a reading the book of Revelation for various reason. Let me give you three reasons to study of the book.

REASON #1:    Revelation reveals the person of Jesus Christ in all his glory and majesty.  If you want to know Jesus, then study the book of revelation.  The apostle John uses at least 24 attributes to describe Jesus in just the first chapter of Revelation.

The Alpha
The Omega
He loves us
The living one
Faithful witness
The first and the last
First born of the dead
Every eye will see Him
His face was like the sun
Released us from our sins
He is coming with the clouds
Ruler of the kings of the earth
Golden sash across His chest
His feet like burnished bronze
Everyone will mourn over Him
Was dead but now alive forever
His eyes were like flames of fire
Made us to be priests and kings
Has the keys to death and hades
Holds seven stars in His right hand
Clothed in a robe reaching to His feet
His head and hair were white like snow
His voice like the sound of many waters
A sharp two-edged sword came out of His mouth

REASON #2:    Revelation offers a blessing for those who read, hear and keep the words of the book. No other book promises a blessing for those who read the book. This blessing in Revelation 1:3 is the first of seven blessings offered to believers in this book.
REASON #3:    Chapters 4-22 speak of the things which shall take place at the end times. Revelation has the highest percentage of verses of any book in the Bible pertaining to future Bible prophecy. 82% percent of the Book of Revelation speaks of end time prophecy. The book may be difficult to understand but that should not stop any believer from diligently digging into the book and allowing the Spirit of God to guide them into all truth.

Written by Tim Brown

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