Pope Francis Will Travel to Israel With Rabbi and Muslim Sheikh

When Pope Francis visits Israel, Jordan and the West Bank in a few days he will be travelingomar with a Jewish Rabbi and a Muslim. This will be the first time in history an official papal delegation includes members of other faiths. See article in the Catholic News Agency. 

Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim Sheikh Omar Abboud, both of whom are friends with Pope Francis, will travel with the papal delegation to the Middle East on May 24-26. Rabbi Abraham Skorka is the rector of the RabbiLatin American Rabbinical Seminary of Buenos Aires and a friend of the pope for over 20 years. Omar Abboud is the former secretary general of the Islamic Center of Argentina and the current director of the Institute for Inter religious Dialogue in Buenos Aires.

The pope intends to bring all religions together for the purpose of seeking world peace. This is
ecumenism – to promote unity among all religions.  See the article in the Jesuits National Jesuit News “Inter Religious Dialogue and Ecumenism Needs to be Priority for Society, Jesuits says”. Revelation 17:1-13 speaks of the great harlot who causes the kings of the earth to cardinals-bishopsdrink of the wine of her immorality. The woman is clothed in purple and scarlet (colors Cardinals and Bishops wear).  The woman is drunk with the blood of the saints. The great harlot is likely the Roman Catholic church.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the church.  The Jesuit or Society of Jesus was founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola in the 16th century.

“The Society of Jesus was established by the papacy in 1540 as a very special “fighting unit” at the total and exclusive disposal of the Roman Pope – whoever he might be. From the beginnings, the Jesuits were conceived in a military mode. Soldiers of Christ, they were given only two purposes: to propagate the religious doctrine and the moral law of the Roman Catholic Church as proposed and taught by the Roman Pope, and to defend the rights and prerogatives of that same Roman Pope” excerpt from “The Jesuits” by Malachi Martin.

The Jesuits stand for Socialism, Marxism, Communism, homosexuality, and abortion. They work with the heads of state to implement their social agendas. The Jesuits “were in fact redefining and recasting everything in Catholicism that Catholics have always considered worth living for and dying for – including the very nature and constitution of the church that Christ  founded” excerpt from “The Jesuits” by Malachi Martin.

As the pope seeks to unify all religions we need to be vigilant to know our Bible.  “Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip (Hebrews 2:1).

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