Pastor to do jail for ‘straight, cold theft from church’


(THE BAY) — To both the prosecuting attorney and judge, the case before Calvert County Circuit in a Monday, Sept. 11 sentencing hearing was about a violation of trust.

The defendants—Michael Shawn Holcomb, 41 and Rayanne Carson, 34, both of St. Leonard—had both entered guilty pleas for single counts of embezzlement in connection with a theft scheme back in June. The victim was Crossroads Christian Church in St. Leonard, where Holcomb was pastor and Carson was the bookkeeper. Church elders terminated the pair last summer.

In a statement of facts submitted during the June plea hearing, the total loss to Crossroads Christian Church due to Holcomb and Carson’s “criminal theft and misappropriation” was estimated at $87,413.70.

Source:: World Net Daily Faith

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