Obama critic Charlie Daniels says Barack right about 1 thing

By Bob Unruh


Longtime Barack Obama critic Charlie Daniels says the ex-president was right about one thing:

“They do cling to their God,” he writes in his most recent Soap Box commentary posted online.

“The guns are not clung to, but you can bet they’re around.”

Daniels was referencing Obama’s comment during the 2008 presidential race, when he was criticizing Americans who live in “old industry towns decimated by job losses.”

Obama said, “They [Americans] get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

In the Soap Box by the hall of fame country-rock musical artist, who at more than 80 years old still carries a full load of touring and recording duties, he talks about bringing out the best in America.

He talked about friends who are “loading pickup trucks with water and other basics and heading out for Texas to help” in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s decimating 50 inches of rain and damaging winds.

Charlie Daniels’ “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government” explains how America, Christianity and liberty are threatened by the Trojan horse of globalism.

“It’s not that they know anybody there or that they’ve been called to come help out, it’s just that they see a great need and they want to lend a hand,” he writes. “If we were able to look at all the license plates on all the boat trailers of the people helping rescue those stranded by water in the Houston area, we would find that they are from all over the country, people, who for no other reason than they were moved by families on porches and roof tops threatened by rising water with no escape unless somebody in a boat shows up.”

He charges the media proves their shallowness by trying to turn a tragedy into a political football.

Meanwhile, “real Americans are on the scene actually doing something about it and, as always, Christian relief organizations, usually rigorously ignored by main stream media, are on site, supplying food and solace to people who have lost everything they have.”

Texas will rebuild, he assured readers.

“Sometimes we get the opinion that perhaps the days of good neighbors, good Samaritans and good patriots have come and gone, but those traits lie just below the surface in the majority of Americans and it only takes something like the events in Texas to activate them.”

He said, “When we get our opinions from the doom and gloom the media brings into our homes every day, we could well get the idea that the majority of Americans are apathetic, lazy, greedy and insensitive. But that is not the America I know, there is still an America out here that is rarely glimpsed on network news, an America of hard working patriots who can still get a mist in their eyes when ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is played and have no patience with athletes who don’t respect the nation that made them millionaires enough to stand up for it.”

Just a few weeks ago, he called out the extremists on both ends of the political spectrum for endangering Americans’ lives.

“Basically what we are seeing in the streets of America doesn’t resemble mostly peaceful civil rights marches as much as it resembles anarchy, pure and simple, aided by milksop politicians who so fear they might lose a vote, they allow part of the population to run all over the rest of the population, claiming to act in the name of freedom of speech, while half of the free speech in the affected cities is being drowned out by shrill, fanatical voices and the deafening silence of any media to tell their side of the story,” he wrote.

He said the radicals are taking all the oxygen out of the coverage, referring to the KKK and other white supremacists, and the anti-Trump “antifa” and their far-left cohorts.

He also recently warned America just might not make it.

He pointed out that the division between the far-right side and the progressive leftists is deeper, wider and more unbridgeable than ever.

“The Bible says that a house divided cannot stand. Draw your own conclusions.”

See Charlie Daniels in his latest starting role, in “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government,” which explains how America, Christianity and liberty all are being destroyed by the Trojan horse of globalism.

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