Memo to congregations: Stop calling yourselves ‘A** of God’

By Bob Unruh


Church officials for the Malawi Assemblies of God have issued a memo to some of their congregations.

Please stop using an abbreviation for “assemblies” on your signs.

It comes out “A** of God.”

A report from the Nyasa Times published at AllAfrica explains the reason the Sept. 19 internal memo was issued.

The president of the church, Rev. Edward Chitsonga, who signed the memo, “advises that ‘A**’ means a booty, a donkey, a fool or the rectum itself and thus was not a word the church needed to be associated with.”

The memo states: “Kindly inform all pastors under your jurisdiction [to] refrain from using the abbreviation on their signposts. Let us write the name of our church in full: Malawi Assemblies of God.”

Said the Times report, “Lucky they never adopted ‘A**es’ as an identity for the church’s faithfuls.”

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Source:: World Net Daily Faith

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