Man who infiltrated ‘Muslim Mafia’ warns of American insurgency

By Liam Clancy

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WASHINGTON – The United States is under threat from shadowy jihadi groups, and the government is turning a blind eye.

That’s the belief of Chris Gaubatz, a man who went undercover as a Muslim convert to gather intelligence on Muslim organizations in the United States.

Gaubatz infiltrated the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, as an intern, and gathered around 12,000 pages of CAIR documents that were scheduled for destruction.

He is the subject of “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” a book co-authored by his father Paul David Gaubatz, an Arabic linguist and former U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations special agent.

Help defend the First Amendment right to expose the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of America through your contribution to the legal defense of WND’s author

“Muslim Mafia” demonstrates CAIR’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that Gaubatz believes is intent on spreading Islamic law to the United States.

Gaubatz notes that many people in the United States believe that only Europe has such problems, but he knows that’s not the case: everything happening in Europe will eventually come to the United States.

“We’re seeing in Europe the migration of Muslims into European countries, completely changing the demographics of Europe,” Gaubatz told WND.

“We’re seeing the clampdown on free speech in Europe,” Gaubatz continued. “People are literally being harassed by the police and in some cases arrested for simply making truthful remarks on social media about Islam.”

WND has reported extensively on the censorship of views critical of Islam across the European continent.

“Whatever goes on in Europe and the Middle East is eventually coming here, to our shores in America,” Gaubatz predicts.

Gaubatz notes you can already find such places in parts of the United States, particularly in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“You have entire enclaves that are essentially no-go zones, for not only law enforcement, but also citizens,” he said.

Due to the resettlement of primarily Muslim Somalis to the city, “People that grew up in Minneapolis twenty years ago cannot recognize Minneapolis today,” Gaubatz continued.

Gaubatz believes that organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood are “no different” from the Islamic State and al-Qaida.

“They have the exact same goal and agenda,” he clarified.

Gaubatz highlights further that the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood has “penetrated” every aspect of our lives, and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have extensive influence in American universities and elsewhere.

Help defend the First Amendment right to expose the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of America through your contribution to the legal defense of WND’s author

“The Muslim Students Association, which the Department of Justice identified as a Muslim Brotherhood organization, has over 700 chapters all over the United States,” Gaubatz added.

According to Gaubatz, 80 percent of mosques in the United States are also aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

From a military perspective, Gaubatz claims, this is an “insurgency.”

Watch the full interview with Gaubatz below:

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