Let’s Call it Like it Is: Jesus Calling Presents a “New Age” False Christ

A lot of self-proclaiming Christians really really love the book Jesus Calling (over 12 million of them have bought the book so far). And no wonder, virtually no major Christian leader or Christian major media has been warning about it. In fact, most of them have been completely silent about it. Lesser knowns who have critiqued it often leave out the New Age aspects, which is like leaving out the wind when talking about a tornado.


One person who has been trying to warn Christians for the last two years is former New Age follower Warren B. Smith. His book “Another Jesus” Calling and his two booklets following the book lay it out clear and simple: the Jesus of Jesus Calling is a false christ; actually it’s a New Age christ, and that means that the “Jesus” who is calling millions of people through Sarah Young’s book is not the Jesus of the Bible. Below is a re-post of Warren’s 2014 booklet The New Age Implications of Jesus Calling. While some have taken Warren’s findings and regurgitated them into a bland pablum, Warren simply calls it like it is.


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