Israeli newspaper does hit job on Bible


(The Trumpet) On October 24, a large feature entitled, “Is the Bible a True Story?” ran in Haaretz – one of Israel’s largest newspapers. The article weighed the archaeological discoveries of the past two decades against a 1999 Haaretz article, “The Bible: No Evidence on the Ground,” in which Tel Aviv University archaeologist Ze’ev Herzog belittled the biblical text.

Author Nir Hasson’s summation on biblical accuracy came early in his piece when he wrote, “Today, 18 years on, armed with cutting-edge dating and molecular technologies, archaeologists increasingly agree with Herzog that, generally, the Bible does not reflect historical truths.”

However, in a surprising turn, Hasson then stated, “But the jury’s out on several key issues, and at least some stories have been bolstered by actual discoveries ….”

This was far from a strong endorsement of biblical accuracy, but it was a small concession indicating that Hasson and the editors at Haaretz had recognized that the past two decades have brought significant discoveries lending more credence to the accuracy of the Bible

Source:: World Net Daily Faith

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