Greg Hunter: Pushing Iran Deal Through, Syria War Update, Fed Rate Hike or Not

Obama will not have to veto the Republican bill to stop the deal from going through. The Democrats are not even going to allow a vote on the killing the deal. 10 Democrats are up for re-election and none of them want to be on record voting to allow it to go through. This is far from over as the Republicans are looking for ways to kill the deal and I am sure they will at least want Democrats on record to allowing this to go through. They know this is a bad deal if you want to call it that.

The war in Syria is intensifying as Russia now confirms its troops are fighting alongside of pro-Assad forces against ISIS. This is not about Sunni verses Shia. This is about oil and natural gas pipelines. Iran has one it wants, and Qatar and the Saudis have one they want, and both go right through Syria. The war is over the pipeline that Assad would not allow.

The big question is will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or not next week. If they do raise rates, then they want to intentionally crash the economy and let the air out of the stock market. The World Bank is warning the Fed not to raise rates because it would cause “panic and turmoil.” Gregory Mannarino, who called the stock market top in May, says either way, the market is going to hate what the Fed does on rates.


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