Call to soldier’s mom sparks latest ‘knee-jerk’ by media to president

By Bob Unruh

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

A Democratic congresswoman who complained to reporters that President Trump’s remarks to the mother of a soldier killed in Niger were insensitive doubled down Wednesday in interviews and on social media.

Which is, according to talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh, following the liberal playbook for attacking the president.

“So anyway, the issue is being ramped up,” he said. “And it’s all designed, as far as the Drive-Bys (establishment media) are concerned, to show that Trump doesn’t really care and that he’s phony and he’s self-focused. He’s got this massive narcissistic ego, and he can’t stop criticizing Obama, which is gonna cause a knee-jerk reaction among the media anyway.”

Among social media comments was one from Adam White that agreed with Limbaugh.

“The media counted off every military death with joy when Bush was POTUS,” he said. “Then, 8 years of crickets. Now, there is another (R) in office its (sic) time to politicize military deaths again. Also, when was the last time a Republican congressperson jumped in front of cameras after a president called to offer condolences to a grieving family member to politicize and parse what he said? That family is being used by the congresswoman and the media. At least we can now start talking about all the places Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama sent US soldiers to go kill and be killed because the media took an 8 year vacation from reporting on Military deaths.”

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.

Trump made a phone call to the family of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was one of four military members killed in Niger, to express his condolences.

The call apparently was not recorded.

But Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., claimed Trump showed “disrespect” by saying the soldier knew what he was signing up for, but that when the worst happens, it hurts anyway.

Wilson said she was in the car with the widow, Myeshia Johnson, when Trump called. And La David Johnson’s mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, said her account was accurate, the AP said.

Trump disputed the claim, stating on Twitter that Wilson chose to “totally fabricate what I said to the wife of a solider who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!”

Wilson responded, “I have proof too … This man is a sick man.”

Myeisha Johnson’s husband, a 25-year-old father of two, was killed Oct. 4 while fighting in Niger.

Trump said, “I had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife, who sounded like a lovely woman.”

Wilson repeated her arguments multiple times Wednesday, including on Twitter and with local reporters.

The AP also made an issue of whether Trump has made enough contacts with families who have lost loved ones after the president said, “I think I’ve called every family of someone’s who’s died.”

“But AP found relatives of four soldiers who died overseas during Trump’s presidency who said they never received calls from him. Relatives of two also confirmed they did not get letters.”

AP charged Trump with the “politicization of the matter.”

“He went so far Tuesday as to cite the death of chief of staff John Kelly’s son in Afghanistan to question whether Obama had properly honored the war dead. Kelly was a Marine general under Obama when his Marine son Robert died in 2010. ‘You could ask General Kelly, did he get a call from Obama?’ Trump said on Fox News radio.”

AP described “Democrats and some former government officials” as “livid” and said they were accusing him of “inane cruelty.”

The wire service outlined the “acts of intimate kindness from Obama and Bush” in past years.

But CNN reported that Craig Gross, a Gold Star father whose son was Cpl. Frank Robert Gross, charged that the media was misrepresenting the president.

“President Trump is doing a lot of good things as far as Gold Star families are concerned,” he said. “I believe that if you interviewed him personally, one on one, you would find that he is very, very empathetic and very compassionate, not only toward Gold Star families but also in regards to our active duty.”

Gold Star families became an issue at the Democratic National Convention when parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan were invited on stage to attack Trump.

Trump said at the time, “Am I not allowed to respond?”

Contributor Jena Greene wrote at the Daily Caller: “Warping the tragedy of a fallen soldier into a PR stunt is lower than low. It’s dismal. I can certify this first-hand. My father was a Marine Corps helicopter pilot and was killed by hostile fire in 2004. I was 10 years old.

“At the time, my father was one of the highest ranking soldiers to die in Iraq. The press surrounded our house for days, hoping to get a glimpse of the newly bereaved family. Flowers, cards and casseroles poured in. We received exactly one letter written and signed by President Bush and the first lady. We didn’t get a phone call from the president, and we didn’t expect to. It was not protocol for the commander in chief to personally phone a Gold Star family.”

She said the fact Trump is trying to call families is “honorable.”

“To turn the ultimate sacrifice into a war of words is nothing more than salt in the wound. Deceased soldiers deserve our utmost respect, and bickering over this kind of protocol rarely ends well.”

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.

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