Bobby Jindal goes there: Trump ‘an egomaniac’

By Cheryl Chumley

Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who’s running in the 1 percent range in the Republican polls for president – along with Chris Christie and Rick Perry – used his National Press Club platform to take deep swings at leading GOP campaigner Donald Trump on Thursday, calling the billionaire businessman a “weak” candidate who cares about nothing other than himself.

Some of his comments, as broadcast on Fox News: “Trump is not against big government. Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. He believes in nothing other than himself.”

Jindal also said Trump doesn’t stand for any particular set of principles or political beliefs – and that he’s nothing more than “a narcissist and an egomaniac,” he said.

“He’s an entertaining narcissist,” Jindal said, “but he’s still a narcissist.”

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And Jindal was just getting warmed up.

“Like all narcissists, Donald Trump is weak,” he said. “That’s why he tells us how big and strong he is. … [because] only a very weak … person needs to tell us how strong they really are.”

Jindal said conservatives need to wake up and smell the Trump reality coffee, and not lose the opportunity the Democratic Party was handing them via poor candidates in Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, and possibly, Joe Biden.

“Are we going to miss this great opportunity? … Do we trust a man who believes in nothing but himself? That’s what makes Donald Trump so dangerous,” Jindal said. “Donald Trump could destroy America’s chance to be great again. … [Democrats] are giving us this election on a silver platter.”

But Republicans need to make sure the election stands for principles and “saving our country,” rather than furthering Trump’s own personal ego trip, Jindal said.

“It’s just an act,” he said, of Trump’s campaign rhetoric. “It’s all just a solo show. The joke’s on us.”

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Jindal also referred to Trump’s recent claim that the Bible was his favorite book, and ensuing failure to recite any favored verses or passages, as just part and parcel of the big “P.T. Barnum” circus-like “joke” being perpetrated on the American people.

Jindal said the reason he couldn’t name any favorite verses is he’s never read the Bible – and “the reason he’s never read the Bible, is he’s not in the Bible,” he said.

Trump, as of late Thursday morning, had yet to respond to Jindal’s remarks.

Source:: World Net Daily Faith

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