Bible or Constitution? Ben Carson: It depends


Ben Carson

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson seemed a bit stumped by a question he fielded on national television that bluntly asked: Which guides America’s government – the Bible or the Constitution?

The question was fed to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd by a Facebook poster, and posed to Carson this way: “[Here’s a] simple question. Does the Bible have authority over the Constitution?”

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Carson, a devout Seventh-day Adventist whose line of work, prior to seeking the White House, was as a neurosurgeon, paused a bit and then said: “That is not a simple question,” the NBC video showed.

He then said he couldn’t really answer without having a more specific scenario to address

“I think probably what you have to do is ask a specific question about a specific passage of the Bible and a specific portion of the Constitution,” he said. “I don’t think you can answer that question other than out of very specific context.”

Source:: World Net Daily Faith

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