1-child policy in bull’s-eye of pressure campaign


An organization that long has fought China’s violent one-child policy that orders forced abortions says now is the time for people to step up and pressure the Chinese Community Party that instituted it, because the emerging economic powerhouse is sensitive to such action.

The idea comes from Reggie Littlejohn, president of Womens Rights Without Frontiers, which battles the policy on behalf of mothers, unborn children and fathers.

She cited the recent reversal by the CCP of a decision to force a woman to have an abortion.

“The fact that the CCP reversed its decision and allowed this couple to have their baby demonstrates that it does, in fact, respond to pressure, both domestic and international – despite its protestations to the contrary – so we need to keep up the pressure,” she said.

The individual case developed, according to the South China Morning Post, when a pregnant woman moved from one province to another and then was ordered suddenly to have an abortion.

Read and sign a petition to the Chinese government opposing forced abortions.

The report said the family planning commission in Guizhou province later overturned a ruling from county officials requiring the abortion.

The report said Tan Yi was “originally told in her home city of Huangshan in Anhui province that she could have a second baby because she was divorced from the father of her first child.”

But she then moved and “was told the pregnancy had to be terminated because one-child policy rules were enforced more strictly there.”

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The teacher was told she would lose her job if she failed to have an abortion.

But in a notice posted this week, the commission changed the order.

The Chinese report noted the case got “considerable media attention in China, with stories about the enforcement … regularly making headlines.”

Littlejohn said media attention is the key.

Her organization posted a petition directed to Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai asking for an end to the forcible abortions.

“We … are deeply concerned for the suffering caused by these forced abortions and respectfully request that the Chinese government stop this brutal practice,” it states.

Tens of thousands of signatures already have been collected.

Littlejohn said: “We are delighted that [Tan Yi] and her husband will be allowed to have their baby. Our hearts nevertheless go out to this couple because of the harrowing experience of coming so close to suffering the excruciating pain of a late-term forced abortion.

“Their experience dramatically demonstrates what I’ve been saying all along: China is continuing its horrific practice of late-term forced abortions.

“This is savagery, and it must be stopped,” she said.

She explained, despite headlines touting the claim the policy has been “eased,” nothing really has changed.

“The fact that the Chinese Communist Party is allowing some couples to have a second child does not mean that they have ceased their appalling methods of enforcement. Couples still need to have a birth permit for the first and for the second child, or face forced abortion,” she said. “This case also demonstrates that the One-Child Policy is not enforced uniformly throughout China. A pregnancy may be allowed in one province and not allowed in another. There’s no uniformity. ”

She noted the plight of Tan Yi and her husband, Meng Shaoping, generated “outrage” when reports were disseminated widely throughout China and internationally.

Littlejohn previously explained that the one-child policy really is more about maintaining control over a population than anything else.

It already is blamed for the fact that an estimated 37 million Chinese men never will marry, trafficking in sexual slavery is surging in China and among neighboring nations and, ultimately, why the nation will implode economically.

She said the goal of the policy is to terrorize.

“Forced abortion continues in China, terrifying both women and men,” she said in remarks prepared for delivery to Congress recently. “Some of these forced abortions have been so violent that the women themselves sometimes die along with their full-term babies.”

She said forced abortion is “so terrifying that victims at times succumb to mental illness, and China has the highest female suicide rate in the world.”

“Men also are terrorized. Some have been killed or maimed for life. Others have lost control and murdered family planning officials. Some men have resorted to suicide in protest over the excessive fines imposed by the government. The spirit of the Cultural Revolution lives on in the family planning police, who have been able to steal, intimidate, torture and kill with relative impunity.”

The comments were prepared for the meeting of the Congressional Executive Commission on China. Commission members include Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

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Her video on the issue:

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